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Sam Sarks Global Group of Companies, LLC is a project management consultancy firm, located in the United States of America, with partners in Sub-Saharan Africa, offers a wealth of great partnerships in project and program oversight and leadership expertise.

We provide both technical and nontechnical knowledge with a strong understanding of international, national, regional, and local regulations. Whether working on large-scale or small scale projects, our reputation is based on our ability to develop regulatory strategies, appropriately engage stakeholders and clients and partners assist in scope development, project planning, impact assessment, project estimates, policy review, and analysis, provide scientifically defensible data analysis, project implementations, schedule, resources, and communication management, change control, and develop efficient and innovative solutions to project challenges.

Sam Sarks Global Team provides practical advice for government and private contract and procurements processes with a thorough understanding of regulatory requirements, societal expectations, and sound delivery. As required, we work closely with our business development, engineering, and design professionals in greenfield related projects, environmental impact assessments, technology, ports and terminals, energy, waste management and resources, transportation, and infrastructure. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust, respect, and integrity.

It is our goal to create long-term partnerships that encourage clear and open communication between all team members.

Sam Sarks Global team of knowledgeable tax professionals that have a deep understanding of business and personal tax that becomes an asset to your business. We go the extra mile with service and professionalism so that, not only will you be satisfied with the results but you will love working with us.
Your business and your bottom line will thank us and so will you. Especially after you get a good night’s sleep knowing taxes are no longer a source of stress in your life.

  • Project Management:

    • Technology – Technical and Non–Technical
    • Engineering – Civil, Construction, Environmental and Electrical
    • Research – Training & Development (R&D)

  • Tax and Financial Services
  • SSG Consulting Services
  • SSG Lawncare & Landscaping
  • SSG Real Estate Investments
    • Transportation Services including;
    • Medical Devices Deliveries
    • Pharmaceutical Deliveries
    • Auto Part Deliveries

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